R&D Offices

Restructuring an old warehouse into an R&D office

The client needed an emblematic building to initiate their R&D activities in Girona. This involved restructuring an old warehouse and improving working conditions for engineers in accordance with the company’s philosophy.


  • Trety

    Leader Group in the manufacture and transformation of Textile and Plastics and all kinds of materials for the interior coating of vehicles.

  • Trèves Automotive

    French Multinational Group, leader in the automotive seats and components, the interior trim and the acoustic and door panels of the vehicle.


[architect] Bogdanov Arquitectes
[structure] BOMA
[graphic design] Jordi Torres
[furniture] Esmeralda Barea
[photography] Rafael Vargas

Ficha técnica

[location] Maçanet de la Selva, Girona
[start date] 1998
[end date] 1998
[construction area] 1.310,00m2 
[surface plot] 30.000,00 m2 

The project was designed to let in natural light and standardize artificial lighting. An open-plan area was installed to improve the movement of technicians and their communication.
The use of colour stands out as a signage element and a bit of humour. This was the basis of a project that could be considered an expression of the potential of the entire group and a physical materialization of group spirit. 

© Bogdanov Arquitectes – un detalle del masterplan

The new R&D offices involved a complete clearing out of one of the old industrial buildings at this company, which manufactures automobile interiors. The remodelling was physical as well as mental because the new space was designed for a new method of working and to simultaneously resist new changes. The keys defining this project were: an open-plan area where the majority of workers concentrated, a perimeter walkway that allows for free movement of employees, some flexible and versatile meeting areas, natural light in all activities of the warehouse – from the design phase to manufacturing models – and installing clear and concise signage and bringing together the diverse activities in this company into a cohesive identity. The project objectives were company efficiency and thoughtful treatment of the team. A relaxed working environment is encouraged by something as ordinary as sunlight and fresh air.