Workplace Consultancy
Workplace Consultancy and Relocation Management | Mergers | Acquisitions | Restructuring | Spaces Designed for Negotiation Strategy | Space Audit | Transfer Logistics | [U.K.] Office refurbishment, Inspiring office transformation |. [Germany] Workspace |

The needs of a dynamic business include: mergers, acquisitions, digital interrelationship network, new organizational structures, etc. This promotes change through strategic, technological, economic and environmental factors.

The work methodology has been divided into eight different phases separated by space planning and relocation management in order to carry out the space management process in a logical sequence.

This studio works to help companies reach their strategic objectives and meet the expectations of management and others regarding the professional surroundings and environment.

Bogdanov Architects has a wide array of space planning projects implemented with the corporate headquarters of Galp Energia España, Áreas, The Participants Pavilion, French-Japanese Office KTMEX Kotubukiya Trèves, Trety, UNICEF , Johnson Controls and Tréves Corporate Office.