Changes in Use
Recycling | Transformation | Redevelopment | Reusing structures to Reprogram Use | Business Strategy Adaptation

The main objective of these projects is to use the constructed space to develop new functions. The processes of changes in use are not just implemented in built spaces, but also in empty spaces.
Reusing structures is a way to save on resources and is based on reprogramming uses rather than on refurbishing the building. Currently, working by recycling the built environment is on the rise.
“L’usine à vivre” in the Renault Dourai centre (RD) was the methodological frame of reference for the programme implemented in Maçanet de la Selva by our studio, in 44 projects, for the Trety Company. Taking the built environment as a reference, the creation of a new network of production and professional spaces was carried out, which became something extraordinary and brilliant.