Gas natural customer service centres

Joint venture coordinated with a branding agency

An overarching project that was developed along with the Morillas design agency on the new Customer Service Centres that Gas Natural planned to set up throughout Spain. 

The project was based on using Gas Natural corporate symbols and creating a complementary code using circles, curves and organic shapes to transmit a sense of naturalness. The space was constructed using the following general criteria: open-plan space organized in islands using a circular code and sequential trajectory according to customer service logic. 


[arquitecto] Bogdanov Arquitectes
[design] Morillas Brand Design



  • Gas Natural SDG

    Spanish Multinational Company dedicated to the supply, production and distribution of fuel gas.

Ficha técnica

[location] Zaragoza y Barcelona
[start date] 2002
[end date] 2004
[construction surface Barcelona] 288,72m2
[construction surface Zaragoza] 153,82m2