Masterplan Twenty service areas along the 401 highway in canada

Master plan for highway service areas on a highway with high traffic volume

The service areas are on Highway 401, which stretches across southern Ontario in Canada. It is the longest and one of the widest highways with the highest traffic volume in the world. It’s a mainstay of transportation and direct exchange with the United States. Daily traffic on this highway was estimated to be 500,000 vehicles by annual average daily traffic (AADT) in 2006. Our studio wrote the Master Plan for Carrillon Canada on Service Areas, designing 3 typologies-prototypes of buildings and installations for different locations.

The scope of the project addresses Design Standards in the interior construction of 29,500m2, a transition plan, a general plan for each service area, building lay-out, landscaping architecture, interior development design for land plots and design specifications for Public Spaces, Tourism Offices, Back-Offices, restaurants, cafes and markets, and the design of three types of car parks; one for heavy-goods vehicles, one for service vehicles and one for private vehicles; open rest areas with landscaping and specific services for lorries.


[architect] Bogdanov Arquitectes
[engineering layout] Tec-Cuatro
[local engineering] Earth Tech Canada Inc.


  • Consorcio Carrillion-Áreas

Ficha técnica

[property] Ministerio de Transporte. Ontario, Canadá.
[location] Highways 400 y 401, Ontario, Canadá
[start date] 2008
[end date] 2008
[area buildings ground floor]  32.100,00m2
[area masterplan] 365Ha 

We worked with Ingenería Tec-4 on this project; who has collaborated regularly with our studio, in order to create designs of interior highway administration of 365 total hectares and the incorporation of access and exit roads with the main highway.