Service areas and low cost hotels on the highway AP7

Building with three programmes: low-cost hotel, 2 cafes, 2 shops

The project addresses the Hotel and Restaurant product with a very high value for money, an excellent €/m2 ratio in the project investment spreadsheet and cost reduction in subsequent maintenance. The hotel was designed with 50 rooms, two shops, and two café-restaurants on both sides of the highway. An architectural proposal was created based on low-cost solutions hidden behind complex systems of highway customer service.


  • Áreas

    Multinational group providing travellers with services in all their facilities located along communication routes and in travel hubs: airports, freeways, highways, train stations, shopping malls and fairgrounds.

  • Ministerio de Fomento

    State-owned company that runs the Government's policy in land, air and sea transport infrastructure, among other areas.


Ficha técnica

[concessionaire] Galp Energía España
[user/operator] Áreas
[location] Área de Servicio Torrent, Autopista A-7
[start date] 2007
[end date] 2008
[construction surface both margins] 3.591,56m2  
[master plan area both margins] 30.000,00m2  


[architect] Bogdanov Arquitectes
[integrated management project phase] Master S.A.
[phase integrated direction work] Bogdanov Arquitectes
[installations] Grupo JG Ingenieros
[photography] Bogdanov Arquitectes